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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Blog Of No Blog...4/6/17

This is not a blog post about KBAR cause we got a ten from the guest teacher. Yay! So this post is actually quite trivial and you don't need to still be reading this. If you are still reading this then why haven't you left yet? Okay, nevermind this post is officially over. (but please read my other posts!)
(yes, this is the same person and position of the picture for the word: Derision. from our warm up for vocab. hahaha.)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The New Teacher?...4/5/17

Hello welcome back to my blog and where I left off last time, I had just read about Anne getting a new school teacher. I predicted that the teacher would be mean and the results are.....*DRUMROLL*... we haven't met her yet! My prediction is still unknown to be correct or not, but Summer is still there so they are enjoying the last few weeks. Anne goes to a party of Diana's (yes, the friend that she severely got drunk by mistake) at her house for tea. (Do they only drink tea in this book? Because they only mention tea as a drink.) Anyways, they are drinking tea then decide to start playing a game called "Daring." Similar to our "Truth Or Dare," they only do the dares. The book says that they dare each other to jump on one foot or climb a tree. That's Boring! Most people do these things for fun not for a challenge!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Poor Guests Are Poisoned!...4/4/17

Last time said that Anne made a cake for some guests for a party and instead of using vanilla she used medicine! This happened just after her friend getting drunk because of mixing up the wine and the raspberry cordial! Anne, Anne, Anne... please read the labels. Now, everyone has moved on passed this situation and has to prepare Anne's manners for a tea party with Mrs. Allan at the minister's house. At the tea party they told Anne that they hired a new teacher and Anne only has a couple weeks left of summer. I wonder how this teacher will be like. I think she might be harsh on Anne because everyone in the book has been harsh when they first meet her.

The Added Scenes Changed My Mind And Not In A Good Way...4/4/17 (WC: 535)

Robyn Santoyo
Period 6

I think that the The Giver book is better than the movie. Many times when a movie is recreating a book, things are changed, added, and even subtracted! That difference made me chose the book to be better because it was a lot more straightforward and to the point quicker. Although the book seemed to do a little bit of stalling until some action started, it wasn't such a big deal once you finally to some action. All in all though, the movie did a good job representing the book and the changes completely didn't ruin it.
My first reason why the book is better is because of course the movie maker added unneeded scenes! A lot of movies do that when they base it off of a book. However, some of the added scenes weren't bad, they just weren't needed. Such as the Jonas and Fiona scene sliding in between the stairs wasn't very helpful and impractical when trying to set a perfect society. They should not have such a big space in between the stairs, because people could get hurt. People in the book can't get hurt anyways, but the scene wasn't necessary.
Moving on, the next reason why the book was better was because the Chief Elder was a mean person in the movie! In the book she was not so against Jonas and the Giver. Infact, she was very sweet! I'm sure this was to add a "bad guy" into the story, but it doesn't fit in well with the whole perfect society. In the movie, there are scenes added in where the Chief Elder is almost chastising The Giver about not training Jonas well enough because he is breaking the rules and trying to share memories with Fiona. She also appears in their house randomly and talks to Jonas, and makes her appearance creepy and angry to the viewers when in the book we only hear about her at the ceremony. This is just another flaw in the match up of a utopia.
My last main reason why the book is better is because Jonas has a closer connection to Fiona in the movie. Even before Fiona stops taking the injections in the movie, she still seems to have feelings for Jonas. This shouldn't be happening in a no-emotion, no-pain, no-conflict world! However the movie seems to put it in there. Also, in the movie Jonas tries to show Fiona, not Asher memories which almost show more affection for her.
Those were my three main points on why the book is better and these are just some other small details. The movie changed the first pain Jonas experienced from a sunburn to a bee sting. Didn't really take away from the main point, but it's still a change. Even though the movie included other scenes that weren't needed and kind of destroyed the utopia part, the scene showing Rosemary playing the piano and Jonas learning music was quite nice.
In conclusion, the book was better to me, but the movie was still great and did a great job of representing the book and despite the changes, both were very enjoyable.  

Monday, April 3, 2017

Back To Anne Of Green Gables....4/3/17

We are finally going back to blogging and I am finally going back to reading Anne Of Green Gables! Last time I read, Diana was very sick because she drank an entire bottle of wine. Anne didn't know it was wine because Marilla didn't tell her and she didn't know what the difference was wine and raspberry cordial! Poor Diana, but now she's better. Anyways, now Anne wants to make a cake for the tea party with Mr. and Mrs. Allan. Again, Anne misread the bottle of vanilla this time and it was medicine this time! It was a medicine cake and not a vanilla cake! Oh no! I wonder what Marilla will do to punish her and what the party guests will think!

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Day In The Past

Robyn Santoyo
Period 6
WC: 1447

     “Hey Abuela, we are doing an interview for an Elder, and I was interested in asking you a few questions.” I texted my grandma, whom I call Abuela. “Of course sweetie! I would love too! Let’s meet tonight!” She was very happy to have me dig up her past.
Later that night, she came over and sat in a chair in our living room. We have a special chair just for her whenever she comes over because she has had four surgeries on each knee so she can’t sit in our low or rocking recliners. She sat in a wooden thick chair with big plaid pillow cushions. As soon as she sat down with her Diet Coke, I started to ask questions.
My first question was, “Between Seventh and Eighth grade, what was your typical day like during Summer?”
“Hmmm, Summer.” she mumbled. “ She started to mention a friend who was also her neighbor on Chester St., Claudie and her sister, Joelle. Joelle could drive so every day they would go to the beach. She explained how at 10:00, they would head out and come back at night before dinner. Then she would shower, go to bed, and do it all over again every day during Summer.
I then asked my follow up question, “How did your parents react to this?” She had started to say that she just simply told her mother that she was going to leave and go to the house. She would just leave with her best friends and go to Gillis Beach in Inglewood, California, near LAX airport. They used to watch the airplanes go by. Then, they would play at the beach and come home to some dinner. Her mother didn’t really care because she was best friends with Claudie and Joelle’s mom .
As I was writing all this down my mom and Abuela had a side conversation and Luke blasted his music from his toy cars.
After my mom finished talking about some flooding up north, I finally asked Abuela my second question. “What was your toughest school year for you, and why?” She paused and kind of thought about it for a second while she lightly rubbing her hands down her thighs as she thought. Then she said that College was definitely the toughest year for her educationally. However, for the people, the hardests grades were seventh and eighth grade because “kids are mean, and boys harassed me, and because I wasn’t thin.”
Fairly quickly another side conversation started and I had to keep saying, “OK, Ok.” Then I would start my follow up question. I asked what was your major in College, and which class was hardest? Luke kept screaming the words Ow! Ow! Ow! Over and over again because he was playing wit his cars and pretending they were being hurt or something, I don’t know!
Her major was in Liberal studies but then changed because Cal Poly was very impacted in Liberal Studies and she found out that Social Science was not nearly as impacted so she changed her major but she could still teach.
My third question was how was your life after school with your parents? She kind of let out a long ‘um’ and asked my mom if she should tell the truth. My mom replied saying of course she should. “Well I didn’t have a very good home life after school.” She then explain how her mom was an alcoholic and usually when she got home she would find her drunk or sometimes passed out. Sometimes she would have thrown up and there would have been vomit in the house and she wouldn't want to clean it up because she was to drunk. Then Dad would get home from work and want dinner and they'd get in a big argument. Often times she would go eat dinner at Claudie’s house, but always had to be home by the time the street lights came on. She said that's why she loved Summer more because she could stay out longer before it got dark. She made a point of how she used to have to do the dishes, laundry, dinner, and floors, and now that might have an affect on her now because she is so, “ KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN!” All the time when we come over to visit.
Growing up she didn’t have many clothes or shoes, not because her family was poor. Her family had good money but my mom “Drank all the money away,” she explained.
Finally I moved onto the follow up question of How did that affect you? She responded saying that she was eighteen, and she wanted to get out of all the “ugly ugliness.”
Her first rent for a huge one bedroom apartment was 99 dollars. “HUGE!” She tried to make it clear it was very big by saying HUGE a lot. She then got a job at Hollywood Diamond Exchange. They sold jewelry to soldiers in the military on credit.
Next, was the fourth question, How did you meet my grandpa? Abuela met Mark, my mom’s dad at First Christian Church in Inglewood. Went on dates and then later got married on Valentine’s Day. If they were still married, they would have been together for 40 years! Her parents and his parents did not like each other. They did not get along. She said each parents had a different set of expectations. Her mom told her many times not to marry Mark. Then she said, “Now here we are! I did, and had my mom and my uncle, and…” She couldn't think of anything else to say so she just said a big OK! And said NEXT QUESTION!
I asked, “What idea struck the idea of divorce?” She seemed surprised of my question, but still answered. She just plainly said they couldn't get along. Mom then said they could behave as mature adults, and Abuela agreed.
I decide to ask another question because I was very interested in this topic. I asked How was parenting with Mark raising my mom and uncle Teo? She was more in charge, she strongly said. Then she got a little deeper and said most of the time her father was also living at the house. She says that my mom and Teo were good kids! She loved being a parent, but loved being a grandparent even more. Whenever she had to clean up vomit or diapers she would keep a bucket with her in case she would vomit! Going back to loving being a parent, she was PTA president and Girl Scout Cookie Chairman for three years. She strode all the Girl Scout Cookies at her house for Girl Scouts to load up on them to sell and she would keep track. She would always have to buy extras because Mark and her father would get into the boxes and start eating some of them. She was also the Cub Scout Den-Mother. She told me how she made a pumpkin costume for my mom when she was five years old and just over all loved being a mom. However, she loves being a grandma even more.
She explained how her and Mark were “distant,” and how Mark just used to “Go to work, go home, read the newspaper, get dinner, sometimes took a bleach bath, and go to sleep.” Now they have been divorced for about 23 years.
My last question was When you were my age, what did you believe your passion was? Why? Abuela answered almost immediately. She said she wanted to be an Oceanographer. She loved the ocean, marine life, and she just thought they were so cool. She wanted to be able to study them, and understand them, and learn about them. She wanted to swim with them. She said, “I wanted to, to, what’s it called? Oh, oh! Scuba Diving!” She kept saying she loved the ocean. She still does to this day.
074.JPG I asked her my very last follow up, How come you never were? She responded with, “I learned I had to take some Biology, and I didn’t like that. I wasn’t very good at it either.”  She said she loved English a lot, and liked it even better than math! Now she is scheduler at “Cuesta, South County, North County, all of the High school stuff.” She kept talking for about three more minutes all about what a scheduler, and then the interview was about done.
“Thanks, Abuela. For letting me interview you and dig up your past.” I said with a smile.
“Your Welcome! I love you, sweetie.” she replied.
“I love you too, Abuela.”

Thursday, December 1, 2016

E. Coli Is A Natural Thing! Just Some Types Aren't!

Hello, and yesterday I talked about E. Coli, and that I would talk more about it today, so here I am. I am going to talk about where E. Coli comes from and where it lives. Anyways...

E. Coli is naturally living inside your body located in the intestines of humans and animals. Most types of E. Coli are completely harmless and actually help to keep your human intestinal tract healthy. Some E. Coli can cause illness either diarrhea or illness outside of the intestinal tract. (Yes, I said diarrhea, get over it.)  So don't read this and think, "Oh My Gosh, I'm going to die!!!" Yeah, no. You're not going to die because of the natural E. Coli in your body. Like I said, It's natural. So I would say don't worry about it. Unless you are having a lot of the symptoms from my last post then maybe you should be a little concerned, and you should talk to a doctor. 

Soon I will have another post about E. Coli, and why most people get dangerous types of E. Coli. Bye!

My Source

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Writing About My Topic...E. Coli

I thought I should blog about my writing topic, so I'm doing it on E. Coli. I did one in Elementary school, but it was really bad. This time I want to actually give information about E. Coli instead of just having four pages of facts. Anyways...

E. Coli is a germ/bacterium that normally lives in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. The "E" in E. Coli stands for Escherichia. Some symptoms for E. Coli may come around one to five days after you have been infected. For example, if you are having: 
  • abdominal cramping
  • sudden, severe watery diarrhea that may change to bloody stools
  • gas
  • loss of appetite/nausea
  • vomiting (uncommon)
  • fatigue
  • fever
Tip: If you have these things, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have it. But if you are can go ask your doctor about it.

Tomorrow I will have another post about E. Coli, and  where is comes from. Bye!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It Should Really Have a Better Name Than "The Dress"

Today I am reading about "the dress" and I know this thing came out February 26th, 2015. Many conflicts were building up about what colors this dress actually was.  The dress was declared to be black and blue, the picture started conversations surrounding the matter across various platforms, with people explaining their opinions on the color, and why they saw the dress as being a specific color. A picture of the dress became a viral meme which led to very big sales for the retailer: Roman Originals.
          Do you recognize "The Dress?"

Image result for the dress

Monday, November 28, 2016

This Has Nothing To Do With The Horror Of Sweeney Todd, Thank Goodness! (This only makes sense to people who have seen the movie: Sweeney Todd)

Image result for barber pole

     Today I learned about Barbers in the Middle Ages. Life for barbers then was...interesting. Barbers then weren't only trimming beards and cutting hair. Barbers were also surgeons and treating the ill. Maybe even dentists.
      Remember seeing those red and white, maybe blue poles at the barber's place? That meant in the Middle Ages that barbers were often tasked with having to perform surgery and taking care of the ill along with cutting hair. Red was the sign for blood, and white for bandages. The blue stands for venous blood.

Those poor barbers...